Welcome to AbleWeb Radio!

This is the AbleWeb Radio blog.

On this page we will tell you the latest news from the group, what we have been doing recently, who we have been speaking to and what skills we have been learning.

Keep your eyes on thisĀ  blog for more details.

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2 Responses to Welcome to AbleWeb Radio!

  1. Hi their Able Web Radio Team i was very impressed by your welcome and been able to celibrate on behalf of the Group that i support with others to help with ” Living Independantly. I was moved by your Broadcast and what will make you successful is all your hearts are behind all what you do shining a light and making people within the Community not isolated as many that listen to your station will have something that belongs to them and will not feel so alone those especially in my thoughts are those with Social Phobia that find socialising difficult even answering the door or phone diffycult.
    All the best to you all in the future keep in touch with York Independant Living Network the team wishes to work with you.

  2. I do hope Counciller Lynn Jeffries and Fiona Walker Chris Edmoundson and Marji Davidson all get a chance to talk on the work we do within the Community to share all our exsperiances to improve the Quality of lifes for those struggling. When we talk about Living Independantly we mean in many cases having the right support in place to achieve that goal within the Community of been independant I do hope you will give us a chance to be interviewed by your Presenters sometime soon.

    Keith Chapman Committee Member Y.I.L.N. (trying to improve lives.)

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